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 Dr. Ly is an inventor at heart with his recent invention of Painless Hypodermic Needle patented to give patient a more comfortable injection experiences. He is also in process of inventing a Anti-Headache Pillow that promises to remove the most nagging head pain to better patient lives.

"One's most valuable asset in life is his/her good health"
"One's worse enemy in life is him/herself"
"One's greatest offering in life is forgiveness"
"One's worse debt in life is unrequited love"
"One's worse failure in life is his arrogance"
"One's biggest stupidity in life is his dishonesty and insincerity"
"One deepest sorry inlife is his jeaulousy"
"One's worse mistake inlife is losing him/herself"
"One's worse sin in life is his/her undutifulness to parent"
"One's most pitiful state of mind is life is his inferiority complex"
"One's most admirable achievement is life is rising after a fall"
"One's worst bankruptcy in life is his despair"
"One's worse deprivation inlife is his lack of knowledge and understanding"
"One's greatest comfort inlife is helping unlucky people"...TH-M


Liposuction is great! I am not obese but I've been overweight for a while. losing weight specially around my abdomen was very stubborn. The procedure was not bad at all, took about two hours and i was sedated the whole time so I didn't feel any pain or discomfort the first day. Dr. Ly and his staff where taking care of me and they played music of my choice so that i can relax, I did take nap :)
The swelling and discomfort on my sides / sensitive from the Garments/ stayed for two weeks. the pain medicine helps too, but I didn't really feel any pain. I wore the garment for almost two months and swelling and numbness stayed but it was getting better every day.

I noticed change on my abdomen right away, those stubborn areas where completely gone.
 Liposuction will give us the boost to lose weight fast and It will be our responsibility keeping the weight off and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
I am very happy with Liposuction, and all the cost worth cause the result is powerful.
Feven H. Seattle, WA

I had my SmartLipo procedure done by Dr. Ly on 3/17/12 . I am a 49 year old man and was always conscience of my “love-handles”. After doing some research, I felt the SmartLipo procedure, and Dr. Ly, were a good fit for me.
Prior to the procedure, I met with Dr. Ly and his staff. The meeting helped ease any anxieties I had around the procedure and generally gave me a understanding of what to expect on the day of my procedure and the days and weeks following the procedure.
The procedure went off without a hitch. Everything went as planned. I received a local anesthetic and some medication to relax me. Throughout the procedure I listened to music on my MP3 player. It was very restful.
In the days following the procedure I experienced only minor discomfort. I stopped taking pain mediation after the third day. I didn’t miss any work and returned to light yoga and cycling within two weeks of the procedure. By week 4, I was back to my usual intense workouts.

It is now week 6. I feel great. My love handles are gone only to be replaced with a big smile.
I highly recommend Dr. Ly and his staff.
Tim P. Vancouver B.C




Dr. Ly explained everything very well. The office staff was great too. I will most likely return for the same and/or other treatments..."


" Dr. Ly was great, taking time to discuss procedure and not rushing through the appointment. I will definitely return!


" The laser sessions was wonderful and did a very thorough job, so I was happy with the actual service provided."


" Doctor took his time and I felt like he gave me a lot of information."

".. bought the Botox special, REALLY great deal! I was impressed with this place. The staff on the phone, and in person were very nice and informative. It was clean, organized, and I didn't wait long. They also have convenient (evening/weekend) hours, which is very important to me. Dr Ly was kind and personable, he answered all my questions and I didn't feel hurried at all (this was my first time!). He also answered my questions about other possible treatment options, but was not hard ell at all. He told me what he would recommend and his prices, very open and clear. The actual procedure took about a minute, didn't hurt at all. No side effects what so ever, you would never know I had anything done. Now I just wait to see the results, I guess it takes a few days, maybe even a week or two. I will definitely be going back to see Dr Ly for some help fighting father time :)"

" Staff was friendly and the doctor was generous with his time and information - I learned new things about maximizing the effects of the treatment than I did from 4 previous providers."


" Friendly Staff and very informative Dr,Thanks!!!"


" Very professional place.."


" Dr. Ly and his MA's are great! They had both technique and personality that lightened the mood of the visit."


" Dr. Ly and staff were very nice. I appreciated his patience and answering my questions. I look forward to coming in again."

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